The Wishes Collection

The Wishes is a collection of ceramic objects, designed and made in Milan.
The project explores the correlation between man and his desires.
The protagonists are eight anatomical parts:
Heart, Breast, Hand, Penis, Eye, Nose, Mouth and Ear.
Framed in a geometric frame, fruition is primarily emotional and aesthetic. Through the objects, attention is focused on desires: each form invites us to give a subjective meaning, ranging from deeper to lighter desires.
The Wishes project originates from the study and observation of the Exvoto tradition, objects that are strongly iconic and full of stories.

Fascinated by that formal world, fabula explored a way to eliminate the part of suffering and religiosity and proposed a way to emphasize the aspect linked to desires and formal beauty. Each anatomical part represented in the eight objects arouses subjective thoughts and desires on which to focus one’s attention.

Objects have a strong connection with people. They live with us in our homes, we take care of them, we choose them for functionality, for aesthetics and for the emotions that transmit us.”

You choose the heart because you are looking for a deep love.
You choose the ear to listen more to your body.
You choose the lips to remember to smile more often.
The design and production process

We started sketching the single pieces and gave the family feeling through the geometry of shapes. Frames needed a geometrical and sharp approach to contrast the rounded smooth shapes of the Wishes.
Prototypes were made in clay and partially modeled in 3d.

From the prototypes we made the plaster molds, poured each piece of clay and refined them. They had a lot of sharp and defined details which had to be resume by hand.
The final touch was the ceramic glaze, the assembling and packaging of the Wishes.